How do you feel free for your home environment

Home environment can be made in the awesome manner by following some great tips. You can decorate your home in style so that it looks cosy and comfortable. There are more than one ways to improve your home décor. The home which is neat and clean gives a great environment and feeling adding values to your lifestyle. You can decorate your home so that the environment of your looks classy and stylish.

Home Decoration is the most Important thing and by following few home decoration techniques you can bring a lot of changes in your home style and also your way of living. Some of the best ways to get a free feel to your home environment are:


  • Choosing the right kind of curtains-

Curtains are an important and integral part of your home. Your windows and doors should have curtains with appropriate length so that whenever you want you can give a great style to your home. When the weather is warm you can pull up the curtains so that your room should not get too hot and you can feel free in your home and save yourself from the eyes of the onlookers. Similarly if the weather is pleasant you can remove the curtains and let the fresh air enter your room which will again give you a sense of freedom and happiness and you will feel free within your home environment. The curtains should not be either too dark or too light. If it will be too dark then it will make your room completely dark which will not be good. Similarly too light curtains give a chance to the onlookers to have an insight of the room which again creates a problem for you. So curtain length and colour should be chosen in the right manner. In this way you can bring a lot of difference to the environment of your home and give a great look to the home which will help your home to look great and classy.



  • Furniture should be appropriate-

The home furniture should be appropriate so that it should give a classy look to your home. A home should not look too much cluttered with furniture nor should it look too empty. In today’s time there are different kinds of furniture available in the market. From folding furniture to heavy furniture and also that kind of furniture which is fixed in the walls are common these days. The bare minimum necessity in terms of furniture is sofas, dining table, almirah, dressing table and beds. Today different kinds of upscale furniture as well as classical furniture are available in the market which gives a great feel to your home. With the help of furniture your home can look great. You can also ask the carpenter to design your home furniture according to your wish. Similarly the kitchen cabinet should be good enough to give agreat sense of freedom to you. Women are more particular about kitchens because they spend a quality time of theirs in the kitchen. So the kitchen cabinet should be made of wood which should last long and in this way you can give a great classy feel to your home. Not only that you will also feel free in your home environment and it will help you to feel a great awesomeness in the home.


  • Lighting should be carefully chosen-

The lighting of the home should be appropriate. Neither the lighting in the home should be too dim nor should it be too glitzy. In simple words lighting should be cool and comfortable so that it gives a shooting look to the environment. You should use appropriate kind of ceiling lamps and chandeliers for your home. A chandelier gives a classy feel to the home and the people coming to your home will always appreciate your home decoration style if you do purchase great lighting materials. Not only that it will add glitz and glamour to your home buy you will also feel free in your home environment when you will move around the home. According to Feng Shui you should not leave any place dark or dim in your home. Only when you are going to sleep then you should do the dim lighting. In this way you can give a great classy look to your home with the help of lights. The home should be kept alive because a home with less lighting always looks dull. You should use the right kind of tube lights and CFL along with LED lights to give a great look to your home. By using LED lights you can also save a lot on your electricity bills.



  • Painting of your home should be done in an effective manner-

The home painting is the most important part of decoration. You should use the best kind of texture and colours to give a great look to your home. Simply white washing will not be sufficient but the entire home should be painted in the most beautiful manner so that you should give an awesome look to your home. Painting the home should not be done in a hurry but the interior designer should be consulted before painting the homes. You can also use emulsion paints or synthetic paint tpo decorate your home in style. You can use two colour tone at special places like balconies and dining hall and single colour tone with beautiful designs in your bedroom. In this way you can give a great look to your home without spending too much. Once, this painting is done you can feel free in the soothing environment of your home.



In this way you can decorate your home in great style and once all thse simple home decorating process is done you can buy some handmade goods such as bronze statement pieces from to decorate your home in style and splendor. In this way you can make your home look a class apart as compared to other people homes.

Home decoration is the

Posted By : Mukesh Kumar

Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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