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Not just children but adults too are equally fascinated by this kindly-piddly game like playground equipment, swing chains. Remember the summers of your childhood when you sat on the swing seat swinging cheerily as your cousin oscillated the chain from behind. Yes, at some or the other point in our life, almost all of us have played the swinging game. Especially a hanging swing in which there is a seat suspended by chains or ropes. The person sitting on it oscillates back and forth either by themselves or through the aid of some other person who helps them in their swinging activity. Children, in particular, are very fond of such swinging games. After all, it’s an immersing activity in itself.


Even in adults, they associate these swings with moments of romance spent with their beloved. Moments in which they can sit quietly beneath the moonlight enveloped in soft and mild breeze blowing across their faces, detached and aloof from the world. The sensation is thrilling but obvious. However, with the advent of high-tech gadgets and glossy glass cubicles, this outdoor play seems to disappear gradually. But not everywhere. At Indianshelf, old age traditions of India are still alive. After all, who else other than the rural craftsmen can best design these chains as joyfully as they can be.


To bring back the magic of swing play, Indianshelf hosts an exquisite collection of swing chains to choose from. Browse through a variety of designs, motifs, and materials; and pick the one that best appeals to you.


Engravings of Elephant and Peacock Figurines

In addition to being corrosion-resistant, this peacock-elephant chain set is made up of an excellent brass material capable of bearing loads of heavy capacity. The animal figurines lend it a splendid appearance thereby intensifying its appeal, as well as the meticulous handwork undertaken.


Another wonderful piece in this compilation is a vintage brass chain with an elephant shaped oil lamp. This is one of the five swing chains that have the statuette of peacock and elephant figurine engraved over. Again, fret not about the safety.


Apart from the customary rule to fasten these magnificent pieces with the swing seat, they can also be used for home decorating purposes, especially when you are thinking of refurbishing your home. There is no short cut to beautifying your home and with these ornate swing chains; you can enrich the ambiance of your rooms even more.


Stellar Jhoola Swing Chains

If you have a porch, the brass swing would suit the best. Say for instance this handcrafted brass jhoola chain set. It’s a handmade swing chain featuring dazzling figurines of elephant and lamps.


This 4-piece swing chain set is yet another marvelous creation of the jhoola set. Ideal for home décor, this jhoola swing chain exudes an exalted factor along with an endearing and adorable charm, owing to the elephant motif.


The handcrafted brass jhoola swing chain is another distinctive model of the jhoola swing chains. Like its other counterparts, it does not have any special motif or design carved on it. Rather, it is a minimalistic swing chain that we usually get to see in playground swings, in a circus where they use it for acrobatics etc. But not too minimalistic to not justify its price as cheap as INR 38,000.


Adore Your Swing Seat With Hands Of Dancing Lady

If you want to add a bit of royalty and extravagance to your jhoola, then this swing chain with dancing lady in brass is very much relevant. Crafted by expert artisans, there is something so spectacular in this jhoola chain set that, one is bound to set one’s heart on it the moment one catches a glimpse. You can also use it to deck up your room if you want to get rid of that same old dull and dreary look and liven it up with a touch of royalty.


It is also available in a number of other variations. If you are a lover of fauna, this dancing lady with peacock set is just perfect. Along with the dancing statuettes, this swing chain is also embellished with peacock motifs.


Of late, if you have been thinking of adding some lively charm to your house, then, you can visit Indianshelf and browse through these stupendous swing chains at once. You can be assured that you would simply be in awe of them!

Posted By : Neha Bhatia

Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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