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Earrings (Dangling Earings)

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Earrings (Dangling Earings)
Earrings (Dangling Earings)
Earrings (Dangling Earings)


Dextrous Artwork from Karnataka Bidriware from Karnataka Artisan: Rajkumar A handicraft which recognizes itself as the symbol of Wealth. The term Bidriware originates from the township of Bidar. It’s a chief center for the manufacture of the unique metalware. In particular, one of the oldest records of origins of Bidriware is that of Abdullah bin Kaiser, a craftsman from Iran. He was invited by the Sultan Ahmed Shah Bahmani for decorating royal palaces and courts. Artisans anticipate that soil of Bidar is away from sunlight & rain for years and Therefore, it has great oxidizing properties.

  • Material:
  • Width: 1.2 inches approx.
  • Length: 1.2 inches approx.
  • As it Appears

Seller: Nazariya

Posted in: Earrings

Product Code: BDRKDNSMNC13/40406

Size: 1.20

Color: Multi-Colour

Width: 3.04 CM,

Length: 3.04 CM,

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