Basic Tips for Choosing Upholstery Fabric

Home furniture is an important aspect for every home. Whether you are living in a polished apartment or have your own house made in a gated colony you should keep in mind that the furniture should be one of the best. Although there are many people who shy away from showing proper care and the upkeep of the furniture. It is you who have to decide what kind of furniture you need for your home.

It has been said that home is where the heart is and if you have a beautifully designed home with great furniture you will feel glad to stay there. The home should be always maintained and home looks young when everything is kept in an order at the home. The fabric of the upholstery is the most important aspect for your home furniture. The durability of your furniture depends on the kind of upholstery you are using. Your home looks great when you have a well maintained décor in your home. From the sofa to the dining table and bed everything should be kept in the most proficient manner so that the home should give a feeling of awesomeness when you stay there. It totally depends on the kind of furniture you keep at home giving the best look to the people who visit your home. Also, if the home furniture will have great upholstery it will increase the lifespan of furniture. Not only that a well decorated home gives you a great feeling and you stay happy even if you are staying indoors.

Color is the first and the foremost thing which should be taken care while choosing an upholstery fabric. The color should not be either too dull or too bright. It should be given utmost importance while choosing the color for the upholstery. A home with great fabric on its sofa and dining table seems welcoming the guest and the people at the home. The next important thing while choosing the upholstery fabric is durability. We should keep the durability factor in mind while choosing the upholstery fabric. Although all those people who do not want to keep the same fabric for long can choose upholstery which is not so durable. Also, a person will not like that upholstery gets ripped off too easily creating a poor picture for your home. So, it should be chosen in a wise manner and we should understand the fact that every home gives a different look and not only that the room within the homes sometimes give a different look and feel. It is same like when people have different mindsets similar different homes give different kind of views to the people who live there. Upholstery has a great impact on the people’s psyche. A person can get cheerful by just seeing his home look great when the upholstery at the home sofa or other furniture looks great. The services of a good tailor can be taken to prepare the upholstery for your home furniture. There are various shops which provide upholstery stitching while also providing you the clothes for upholstery. 


  If you are choosing a woven fabric then you will find that a woven fabric holds up longer than the printed ones and the next thing which should be kept in mind is the thread counts and the tight weaves of the fabric. If you have question in mind that what is the thread count then you should know that it refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric and the denser the fabric is the long lasting it is.  Also, important fact while choosing an upholstery for sofa is to keep in mind that who all are going to use the sofa. If you have pets in your home who are fond of sharing the sofa then you should choose leather as a fabric or you can also use micro fabric as they withstand wear and tear more effectively. You should also consider the fabric durability if the sofa gets placed in high traffic area of the home. Every fabric has its own charm and style so you need to choose one which looks good in your home but also on the sofa which you are choosing. There are many people who want an upholstery fabric to be a style which reflects their personality traits. Some of them like it to be in larger than life color and the other want it to have upholstery in a dark grey shade. Also, there are few fun loving people who want it to be an amalgamation of colors just like their colorful life. In this way upholstery reflects the life and persona of the person who is the house owner. Thus we can say that various designs are best chosen by various persons according to their choice and preferences.

You should also consider these important factors while choosing the factors before considering making a selection of the upholstery.

  • Upholstery where there is lot of sunlight should be light in color because dark color upholstery fades easily in the sunlight.
  • You should buy upholstery which is fade resistant because if the upholstery needs to be placed near window there are chances that it might get faded due to sunlight.
  • You should also get upholstery which is mildew resistance if you live in place with lots of humidity which fosters mildew.      
  • You should also consider the fact that the persons who are prone to allergies should consider getting upholstery which is lint free and does not attract dust.
  • Also as stated earlier if your pets share the sofa then you should not consider silk as an option for upholstery as the silk tends to get scratched and there are more chances of wear and tear with the fabric.

In this way we can see that the upholstery needs to be chosen with utmost care and it should be taken care in the most efficient manner if you are looking to keep your home in good condition. 

Posted By : Surendra Yadav

Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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