Adorn Your Walls With Some Picturesque Wall Art

Posted By : Neha Bhatia

Posted On: 27 May, 2022

Wall arts are a wonderful choice for decorating the walls of your house. This can also be considered an excellent option for presenting them as gifts. For home decoration purposes, these are equally superb as they convey your emotions in a subtle and abstruse way. Metal wall masks, contemporary paintings, abstract patterns, etc. are some of the most sought-after wall arts that can magically transform your rooms and take you to a completely different and elevated world of nature, the Renaissance period or to the Mughal Dynasty. Some of these can be found in the myriad collection of, from where you can choose your desired wall art for refurbishing your house in a worldly and stylish manner.


Contemporary Wall Art - Bring Home the Sanctity of Devotion


If you are an ardent devotee of a particular religion then you can beautify the walls of your home with some sublime and marvellous wall paintings of religious figurines or symbols. Such paintings exude a great deal of positivity. The kalaplanet-radha-krishna-wall-hanging is an artistic wall hanging that you can purchase from Indianshelf to attain that holy atmosphere and fill your room with sanguineness. This vibrant wall hanging of Radha-Krishna has been carved out of plastic and it is available at the price of INR 888.kalaplanet-radha-krishna-wall-hanging is such a lovely creation that you just cannot take your eyes off from it. The picture depicts them as swinging on a ‘jhoola’; the name is taken probably from the ‘Jhulan Yatra’, which is considered as one of the most significant festivals for the followers of Lord Krishna.


rosewood-radha-krishna-with-wooden-frame is another striking piece of the Radha-Krishna collection. This amazing piece is made up of pure rosewood and is also regarded as lucky for Vaastu. Due to its detailed and painstaking illustration, the price of this creation is a little higher than the kalaplanet-radha-krishna-wall-hanging that is INR 2,221.


Many people worship Lord Ganesha and have an idol of Him established at their homes. Lord Ganesha is normally associated with fortune and wealth and those who bow down before he is said to usher in copious good luck and opulence. If you too hold him in high reverence then you can choose from the wall arts or paintings, having Ganesha’s sketch etched on it. Look at the bright-coloured kalaplanet-patta-Ganesha-wall-art-yellow. Carved out of plastic material, this brilliant wall hanging is simply perfect for home décor. If you look closely and carefully, then you will see that this sculpture of Lord Ganesha has been designed in leaf-like fashion meaning, the face along with the trunk, hands and legs and the body is made up with leafy designs, and not how they are carved usually. Isn’t it amazing? Such innate creativity leaves us flabbergasted.


kalaplanet-Ganesha-wall-hanging is another different wall hanging of Lord Ganesha. Seen in various moods and postures, these are an incredible option for home décor and also for gifting purposes.


Nature lovers, do not get disheartened! For you, there is also an abundant range of exquisite wall arts to select from. bird-art-handmade-tropical-wild-life-nature-ethnic-fabric-painting, handmade-Indian-miniature-painting-birds-on-tree, handpainted-pink-big-floral-birds-in-the-border-painting, handpainted-red-purple-flower-birds-in-border-painting are some of the marvellous wall arts incorporating flora and fauna.

Pichwai Paintings

Pichwai is elaborate drawings portraying Lord Krishna. In these pichwai paintings, Krishna is presented in different body postures, moods and apparel, and the purpose of these paintings is to recount innumerable tales of Lord Krishna to the illiterate.Select from the multifarious Pichwai paintings from and let them emote the significance and superiority of Indian culture.

pichwai-paintings-8975 portrays Radha-Krishna in an embrace flanked by gopiyas. This 40.5” *53” wall painting is absolutely pertinent for your home décor and for providing your wall with an exalted appearance. This exquisite creation comes at a price of INR 47,000.

Another equally stupendous piece is pichwai-paintings-8978. Here also, Radha and Krishna can be seen together surrounded by the gopiyas with Lord Brahma, Shiva-Parvati and Narada Muni showering their blessings on them.Both of these wall paintings will cover a significant part of the wall, thereby giving your rooms a fuller and divine appeal. Anything associated with divinity instils positive vibes in us and gives us a certain strength to fight off the demons, both inside and outside us.


Paintings Depicting Mughal Art

Historians can swear by the royal paintings representing the emperor with the women in their court, the emperor along with his attendants indulging in merrymaking at the courtesan’s court etc. from the collection of Mughal wall art.

painting-depicting-regal-entertainment-of-the-emperor-with-the-women-of-their-court-47-5-x-35-5 is one such painting where the emperor can be seen with other women of his court. The picture portrays them as revelling in regal entertainment, as was common during the Mughal era.

emperor-intoxicated-with-wine-and-women-in-this-painting-36-x-49 is yet another amazing stroke of a brush. Although at first sight, it does not amaze us, nonetheless, even this has its own share of beauty. On the surface, it might seem that producing this piece was a tough job but, everybody is a master of his/her own field who has carved a niche for themselves. In the same manner, creating this painting was also a child’s play for the painter.

Who does not love revamping their house? With advanced technology and fast-paced world, many innovative and revolutionary products flood the market every day. Some of these are familiar with remarkability while others are a bit queer. But, even in that unconventionality, there is something striking that compels us to fall in love with them. Some such similar products are available on Indianshelf and if you want to rekindle the long-lost magic of your home, then, visit this website and go through the wide range of their collection of wall art.

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