"Home is where the heart is" and the heart will sustain when the place around it is clean. In this busy life, we hardly get time to clean our homes daily and keep them free from dust and unwanted particles. The everyday morning rush hour allows us only to do the basic cleaning of wiping the floors and nothing more than that but unfortunately, those who live alone cannot take care of even this! Although all of us do not get much time in cleaning and dusting yet we after returning home tired, we all want our rooms to be neat and clean.

So in order to cope up with your hectic schedule and at the same time keep your living area clean, I have accumulated few clever tricks that can help us keeping our houses clean without disturbing the daily schedule.

1. Making bed every day

A very logical argument to this is that there is no point in making the bed when the next morning the next morning it has to be the same. But you won't realize that making bed can indirectly keep your entire room clean! Just keeping your bed clean and keep many things look organized.

2. Use shower gel

This is one of the most common habits which can be avoided. Most of the bathrooms nowadays have switched to shower gel instead of soaps. Soaps have oils and other chemicals stored in them that are sticky and often get accumulated in tile areas. Switching to shower gel is anyways a better idea as it is not messy and more germ-free.

3. Cover the shelves

We often face the problem of dirty fridge shelves. Every day we are in so hurry that while taking our things from the fridge, we often end up spilling things on the shelves. The clever idea is to always cover your shelves with sheets that not only keep the area clean but also protect them further from any spilling. These sheets are easily available in the market.

4. Nail enamel are rust-free

We might spend hours in cleaning the metal glasses and holders but still do not get the same shine. The easy solution to this problem is to avoid the contact of metal materials in the air. Ans the best solution to this is the nail enamel. Applying clear nail paint on their edges prevent to metal glasses or holders to catch rust and turn brown in colour.

5. Clean as you cook

A quick and easy tip which will keep your kitchen clean and free of odor and germs is cleaning the used area as soon as the cooking is done. Cooking is an art and similarly, keeping it clean is also very important. Always clean the dish basin once you are done with eating and wipe off the scrap and any dirt as soon as the cooking is done instead of waiting for the next day.

6. Keep the clothes where they belong

It is so easy to chuck off your clothes when you reach home tired. But it is equally tough and time-consuming to arrange them or keep them in the laundry in the next morning. The key to this time-consuming problem is rather than throwing the clothes anywhere while chucking them off, assign them as soon as you take them off. I promise this will hardly take few extra minutes before slipping into your pyjamas.

7. Use duct tape

An easy quick tip for cleaning the sofa and beds is while using the lint roller, cover them with double sided duct tape. This is easy and takes few seconds in cleaning all the dust, hair or fur.

8. Blinds

Minutest things in your homes can be the cause of dust. Blinds are one such area which is left in cleaning due to lack of time. One quick tip is socks can be used as a cover to clean the blind with your hand. You need to just put your hand inside the sock and they can be cleaned easily.

So above were a few clever tricks all the busy people out there can use.

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Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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