14 Cleaning DIYs Everyone Should Know

14  Cleaning DIYs Everyone Should Know

Cleaning is a tedious task as it requires a lot of time and effort. Even if we devote our 100% to this tedious function, we do not achieve best results. But still, there are houses which are cleaned and produce a perfect 100 in their task. These people have adapted themselves to clever tricks that enable ideal cleaning without much of the hard work.

So the time has come to switch to more natural and straightforward methods for cleaning that can be done from the items that are available in every household. Read the few points for  easy cleaning days that can use on a daily basis by using simple cleaning materials:

  • Bathroom mirror will not be affected by sweat if we rub soap on it.

  • Tea and coffee stains in mugs are extremely common and can look very messy and dirty. But these stains can easily be removed by applying some baking soda and then washing them with dish soap.

  • Desktop keyboards or laptops can be cleaned and wiped with a microfiber tissue dipped lightly in vinegar.

  • Cutting boards can be cleaned using kosher salt and lemons.

  • Ovens and microwaves require regular cleaning as they are often messed up with curry stains and baking dishes. A perfect combination of cleaning microwave and oven is baking soda and vinegar. Apply the mix and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.


  • Blinds can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water with the help of using an old sock. Dip the hose is the solution and wear it like a glove. Hold the blinds and slide your hand and you will see the magic of dust free blinds in the just single attempt.

  • Splitting of oil stains on the carpet is a common problem we all are facing.Oil stains on the carpet can be removed by applying baking soda on the affected area. This will dry the field, and gradually the stains will be removed.

  • The tea strainer is often left with severe odour and stains if not cleaned on a regular basis. Even after cleaning them with dishwasher, blots do not get washed away. One easy way is soaking the strainer in warm water with citric acid for an hour. Once dipped for an hour, remove them with dish detergent, and you will see the magic!
  • We keep our toothbrush clean on the side of the bristles but end up having stains on the ends of the toothbrush. One trick to prevent dark stains is pouring a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into the brush holder.
  • Nail holes in walls is a big problem. We have to think twice about a nail hole in the wall because of the fear of the leftover marks on the wall. A quick tip is to apply toothpaste on the shaft and you will see that the hole is filled with white paint again!
  • All the geeks and nerds face a common problem of moisture on their specs during winters. To this, rub the glasses of the specs with toothpaste, and you will see no vapour accumulates on them even while you have any hot drink.


  • Cabinet doors knobs are left with rust stains due to direct contact with air. But an easy solution to this problem is rubbing the cabinet doors with a mixture of vegetable oil and baking soda on a toothbrush.

  • Coffee stains on clothes or carpet can be easily cleaned with baking soda.

  • All the women out there are fond of applying makeup and using makeup brushes. But the primary problem they face is of leftover makeup on the bushes and the tedious task of cleaning them. Here is the solution to it, by washing the brushes with baby shampoo and then hanging them to dry. Don't forget to swing them after washing to avoid moulds.


Posted By : Nikita

Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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