Toilets and trash cans are 2 different things which even an illiterate is aware of. But unfortunately, be it literate or illiterate, everyone thinks that the toilet and trash cans are same! And hence, the things that are supposed to go into the trash cans are flushed into the toilets and end up having choked pipelines!

And this gave me an idea that way to provide some important know how to my readers and tell them few important items that must never be flushed in the toilets.

1.      Coffee Grounds

               They are the supreme cause for blockage as they get accumulated inside the pipes.

2.      Cigarette Buts

Cigarette buts do not get easily flushed as they have a huge amount of toxic chemicals and hence require a large quantity of water to flush one single butt.

3.      Oil, Fats And Grease

These 3 are the common things used in every household but at the same time, they are the most harmful material to be flushed in the toilets as though gradually but they cause severe blockage and the result is disastrous! Till the time oil is hot, it seems liquid and easily drains away but gradually as it gets cooler it works like a clogging wax and causes a blockage.

4.      Hair

Please do not get mistaken by the thought that hair being a part of a body can be easily flushed. Hair strands clog shower and sink and form giant balls that cause massive blockage in pipes, plumbing and sewers.

5.      Diapers

Just because they have flushed materials inside it does not mean that they can be flushed! Diapers especially gel diapers do not get dissolved in water and on the contrary get swelled when in water. So they must be properly wrapped in other trashed materials and should be thrown in trash cans.

6.      Cotton Buds

Cotton buds do not get dissolved in water and also collect minor garbage and thus create a blockage.

7.      Dental Floss

Although it is a string it does not get dissolve in water and hence cause a blockage.

8.      Paper Towels

Although they are reusable and waste they can cause big problems when thrown into the water. They are not designed to get break down like a toilet paper and hence they should be never flushed down the toilet.

9.      Medicines

Many people think that instead of the risk of going medicines in wrong hands, it's better to flush them so that there no chance is left for the medicines to be caught. But the truth is medications have drugs that can destroy bacteria, contaminate groundwater and can severely affect the pipe water.

10.  Band-Aids

Band-aids are plastic material and hence due to this, they should never get flushed. Even the ones made of cloth material must not be flushed.

11.  Cat Litter

Cat litter does not dissolve in water and it is prohibited to be flushed or washed away as wet cat litters can easily cause blockage and block the pipes.

This post is basically to save your money and awkward times because these things and plumber calls are made at awkward times. These can cause significant dumping and environment problems and can be the great cause of blockage and plumbing issues. So flushing your garbage away is really a bad idea and it is high time that you avoid it.

Posted By : Nikita

Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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